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Oh My Smurfs !!!! I love Smurfette
Monday, September 12, 2011

I went out watching this Smurftastic film with Fahmi Nordin yesterday.. I've few new words that I could come out after watching this film..





The story is so SMURFtastic.. You guys won't have the time untuk rasa bosan.. The smurfs are so SMURFdorable.. Mesti korang lepas abes tengok cite ni terus nak pergi cari anak patung biru ni yang sangat la comel.. Laugh Laugh Laugh.. Extremely SMURFlarious.. Overall, cerita ni tersangatla SMURFmazing.. 

Banyak sangat nilai-nilai murni terselit dalam cerita ni.. For example, leadership, responsibility, friendship, trust, loyalty, dan ada lagi la.. Akan rasa cepat je abes tengok cerita ni.. SANGAT SMURFBEST! 
Errrkkk..nape aku asyik letak SMURF je kat perkataan-perkataan tu ek? Haaaa...kalau kalian nak tahu, kene la tengok sendiri.. 
Aku tengok cite ni sebab nak dengar suare katy perry je hehehe:D tapi yang tak bestnye time akhir sekali aku rase nak terkencing hahaha.....
Sheikh Aiman bermurah hati memberi filem ini 5 Bintang! Serious tak puas tengok sekali..
Sape tak tengok lagi rugi gile!!!!
I love smurfette and katy perry
Lagu dia best hehe :D sing a happy song

La la la-la la la, 
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la, 
Smurf your whole day long.


La la la-la la la

[Papa Smurf speaks]

Smurf along with me! 


La la la-la la la

[Papa Smurf speaks]

Simple as can be.

[Sung by Smurfs in unison]

Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin, 
Happy things will come to you... 

[Smurfette speaks]

So smurf yourself a grin! 

[Ominous Gargamel music]

[Gargamel speaks]

Oooooo I hate Smurfs! 

[Azrael meows]

[Gargamel speaks]

I'll get you, I'll get all of you if it's the last thing I ever do! hehehehe! 

[Sung by Smurfs in unison]

La la la-la la la, 
Now you know the tune, 

[Harmony Smurf plays the "la la la-la la la" tune (barely) on his off-key trumpet]

[Sung by Smurfs in unison, accentuated for finale]

You'll be Smurfing soon!

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